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Title for paper/ poster presentation the focus will be on the following areas during the scientific session: Theme: “A Holistic approach of Ayurveda & Yoga towards Psycho-somatic disorders” Sub. Theme of the paper:

1) Role of Yoga in Manodaihika Vyadhies.
2) Importance of Ayurveda Chikitsa in Social Media Addiction.
3) Easy approach towards Stress management through Ayurveda & Yoga.
4) New Research Prospects in the field of Psychosomatic Disorders.

Rules for paper/ poster presentation Paper which abide to the following rules only will be accepted

Abstract –

a) Title – Times New Roman, 14 bold Upper case
b) Not more than 250 words & it should be in MS word
c) Content of the paper should be in times new roman font size 12/ krutidev010 in 14 size& 1.5 line space

Important Details:

Last date for submission of abstract with registration is 05th November 2017
Without Registration Abstract will not be accepted.
Last date for Registration is 05th November 2017
Spot Registration – 500/- INR will be charged extra on Registration fees
Soft copy of full paper should reach to the scientific committee on or before 30th October 2017
Send the full paper with power point presentation on the email ID
Seminar language English/ Hindi/ Sanskrit